Employees and customers safety while ensuring business continuity

👉🏼 Baobab informs and raises awareness among the employees and customers on protective measures to stop the spread of the Covid-19 through flyers, posters, videos, post on social media, SMS or phone calls.

👉🏼 All our subsidiaries have adopted the strictest hygiene and preventive measures to ensure staff safety during the Covid-19 outbreak. When some of our branches were able to (re)open, we try to facilitate the physical distancing. We have also provided masks and hand sanitizer.

👉🏼 This sanitary crisis has a real impact on the business activity of many of our clients. This is why, we encourage our clients to follow all the preventive measures : avoid touching the face, wash their hands frequently with soap and water, wear a mask in public and maintain a social distancing of at least 1 meter.

👉🏼 We are confident about the ability of Baobab’s employees to surmount the challenges which come with the pandemic. Through a collective effort we will overcome these temporary difficulties.

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