Owner of a specialist school uniform and baby clothing factory based in Domboshava

Aged 44, Tambudzai started her business in 2003. At that time, she exported clothes to Botswana and sold her products at flea markets near where she lived in the Warren Park area of Harare. That year, she received loans to gradually expand her factory. Over time, she was able to acquire land in Domboshava, where she also built her house.

Tambudzai has never defaulted on instalments of her loans. For Tambudzai, Baobab’s services have helped her grow her business. «Being a Baobab customer gives you an advantage, as they give you the amount you need in a single payment and allow you to repay monthly. This has helped me to plan my projects.»

In 2011, Tambudzai undertook training in areas ranging from the production to the sale of uniforms. Through this training, she was able to diversify her business and no longer be restricted to importing and exporting clothes. When she started making clothes, she had no machines or equipment. In 2018, she imported five machines from China, which are essential for making school uniforms. She then acquired separate machines for embroidery and producing t-shirts. 

Her business has grown, and Tambudzai now employs five people to make clothes, as well as other regular part-time staff. She plans to continue growing her business with a view to becoming a supplier to other retailers in the sector.

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