Owner of a delivery company in Nanchong MicroCred Nanchong customer since 2017

Now the head of a successful fuel delivery company, Yang started off driving fuel tankers for almost 12 years. As a diligent driver, he always completed deliveries on time, to the delight of his customers. In 2010, with his wife’s help, Yang decided to start his own fuel delivery enterprise. Using his savings and money borrowed from family, he bought two fuel tankers and started his business, which quickly grew thanks to his network of customers. However two fuel tankers were not enough to meet the needs of his customers and the margins were limited. So he turned to MicroCred China.

«I wanted to buy more fuel tankers to sustain the business, but that would require more capital. I saw a MicroCred leaflet, and what appealed to me most was how I could receive an unsecured loan within one to two days. I submitted my loan application and received a loan of 500,000 Chinese yuan (€64,000) the next day. Since then, I have secured four loans from MicroCred, the largest of which was for 1.5 million Chinese yuan (€191,000). My business has quickly grown since it began. I now have 12 fuel tankers and employ 28 full-time staff. The company has expanded into neighbouring cities and become very competitive throughout Sichuan and neighbouring provinces. Annual total sales have reached 50 million Chinese yuan (€6.4m).»

In early 2020, China was badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. As a socially responsible business owner, Yang donated protective equipment, bottles of water and food worth over 30,000 Chinese yuan (€385,000). These products were distributed to state-run Covid emergency centre.

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