The Baobab Group is committed to supporting SMEs in Africa and China with simple, fast and accessible financial services.

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Baobab Tunisia customer since 2015

Farmer in El Fahs

Naima carried out a feasibility study for a farming project in a rural part of El Fahs in Zaghouan province where she is originally from. She began by growing olives but also breeding poultry. Despite her modest beginnings, she is proud of her work today. «My project won medals and trophies. I received a double gold medal in the national organic production category.

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Baobab Mali customer since 2017

Owner of a clothing and footwear store in Bamako

Amadou, 37, went into business selling loincloths in 2008. In 2017, he wanted to expand into handmade footwear, which was a growth area. He always wanted to run his own business but his lack of funds had limited his ambitions. A neighbour who worked for Baobab suggested that he approach the bank.

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Baobab Ivory Coast customer since 2018

Business owner who runs a hardware store in Dimbokro

Tafa sold sundries and miscellaneous items for a number of years. She decided to invest in a business selling hardware items. However, she had trouble securing funding for her retail business. Although she had known about Baobab Group services for some time, she never took the step. She initially applied for a loan with Baobab in 2017, but withdrew her application out of fear of potential complications.

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Baobab Senegal customer since 2016

Owner of a dry cleaning and dressmaking business

Maïmouna is 57 and lives in Dakar, where she runs a dry cleaning and dressmaking business. She started her dry cleaning business in 2012. To begin with, she only had a few customers. Over time, through patience and determination, Maïmouna started to earn people’s trust thanks to her attention to detail and completing work on time.

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